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wild and doganova

We are Hashtag Tourism – the home of Digital Marketing!

Let us tell you a story: Once upon a time there was a German guy (we will call him The German Guy) who fell in love with Bulgaria. He decided to share his social media knowledge with the people in need and resurrect failed businesses like phoenixes from the ashes! Then a Bulgarian girl came to light because let’s face it - in every fairy tale with a happy ending, there is also a girl. With her brilliance in the hotel industry, together, they built a strong partnership, creating miracles for businesses struggling to survive.

Now is probably the time when we would try to convince you that we are the answer to all of your prayers and it would be the truth! But we like to keep it simple and play the modesty card - with our guidance and under our management, you will successfully transform your venture into the business of your dreams.

digital tourism agency

maria doganova

Maria is a natural wonderkid! Her resume is so impressive it almost sounds made up. Except that she has conquered the Bulgarian tourism, she also has an academic background in tourism management from Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal, working for leading companies, gathering experience, and business knowledge. Currently, she is an entrepreneurial mentor and leads start-up projects for Tourism Innovations. She always finds the most effective way to deal with any situation. Sometimes you can actually see the bright light bulb shining above her wildly curly hair when she has an awesome idea on how to save the day! Maria is the glue that keeps everything together.

digital tourism agency

benjamin wild

With a background in successfully managing social media campaigns and consulting companies from various countries, the German Guy has come to conquer Bulgaria like a digital Superman! He studied Business Engineering in Germany, and during his studies he established his very first business. The German Guy is always smiling! Additionally to his wide smile, his constant positivity means that from the moment he first meets you, he is already planning on a winning strategy for your business.

digital tourism agency

our team

She is our other intern (Yeah, we have two). Bringing into play her phenomenal technical skills, Polina supports us on organizational topics and research. She is really bright and witty, and secretly in love with our mascot Carlos!

Coming all the way from Australia riding a kangaroo, Bailey is our wacky (in a good way) intern who supports us on our projects. He is always calm and professionally quiet, but his skills at design, editing, and technical support do all the talking.