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the game changer

blue flamingo service

This service creates a fascinating story from a hotel guest’s perspective. The hotel services are directly promoted by captivating the audience and building a strong public image. We delve deeply into the entire network, gathering all the valuable information and feedback to help your future …


the true saver

social media management

This service is the brightest gem in our chest full of market expertise, business magnificence and social media appearance. The best possible strategy for your social media will be created by us! Either you never really liked your social appearance - we rebuild it from …


the transformer

trump service

Make your Social Media Great! This service is all about transforming your digital appearance! We analyze your business, research the correct audience and focus on a clear customer journey. Visuals are filtered for concise audience communication and every description is updated where necessary. We highly …

digital tourism agency

other services

law of attraction

social media advertising

The audience doesn’t respond to your ads? Having trouble promoting your services the right way? Don’t you worry, we are here to save the day! You’ll get professional promotions with diverse placement options such as Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Stories, LinkedIn, etc. We will set the …


creativity atelier

content marketing

Here comes the content – the stuffing which makes the main course complete and ready to be served! Our motto is “Creativity on demand” and we stand confidently by these words! We will bring the creative freshness to your content that makes the words alive! …

unlock your potential

social media courses

We will turn your team into a great army, ready to conquer the Social Media World! We will guide them through the key processes of understanding the company’s philosophies, help them to adapt to changes in a dynamic environment, support them to reach their full …


the battleplan

social media strategy

When it comes to developing a successful strategy for your business, we have no competition! Okay, we do, but it’s no match for our creativity! Put your monocle on and take a peek into our rich strategy menu, we provide Marketing Strategy, Digital strategy, Social …

all-in optimization

online travel agency marketing

We can assist you by analyzing the top OTA's & Review platforms (,, and many more) where you are listed and provide you with guidelines to enchant your customers from their very first glance.


reality check

social media audit

Do you have all the pieces of the puzzle but you arent quite sure how to finish it? Don't worry! It happens to most people at some point. Even experts need to work alongside others at times to reach the best possible outcomes! We can …